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USA Workers Injury Network (USA WIN) clients have access to the largest privately-held Preferred Provider Organization spanning the nation and specializing in work-related injury and illness through return-to-work focused medical care and rehabilitation.  We offer our network and cost-containment solution to insurance carriers, third-party administrators, employers and bill review companies.

Benefits of partnering with USA WIN:

  • National PPO Network specifically designed for Workers’ Compensation with approximately 300,000 provider locations.
  • 98.9% of our providers are directly contracted
  • Real-time repricing
  • Competitive network access fees
  • Three-way (lesser of) rate structure
  • Offer cost containment through our medical claims negotiations, Austin Resolutions, since 1994.  Averaging savings of 26% below SMR and 38% when fee schedules do not apply.
  • HITRUST Certified Systems